Pacific Islands Society Seeks Experienced Volunteers in Communications, Marketing, Journalism, Contracts, and Development

Honolulu: The Pacific Islands Society (PacSoc) will be significantly expanding its operations over the next six months. The nonprofit is therefore enlarging its volunteer base to be able to take on these new responsibilities. Specifically, PacSoc is looking for volunteers with strong backgrounds in communications, marketing, and journalism to assist the Director of Communications. The […]

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PacSoc Website Redesign

Pacific Islands Society Website – Redesigned to be More User-friendly and Easier to Navigate

Pacific Islands Society Website – Redesigned to be more user-friendly and easier to navigate   Honolulu, September 2, 2014 – The Pacific Islands Society has completely redesigned its organizational website. The updated layout offers more intuitive navigation with improved user-friendliness. Visitors will now find it easier to explore the Society’s many programs, publications, galleries, and […]

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Global Risks: Unemployment and Underemployment in the Pacific Islands

Banking on the Family; Catalytic Kin-Business for Tongans “I look at that painting of the vaka sailing into the high seas, and I wonder – where has that spirit of enterprise gone?” Dr Timote Vaioleti, talanoa, April 2014. It was the last day of 2013, and I sat cross-legged on the hot floor of my […]

The Front Lines of Climate Change: Is Relocation Inevitable?

Prepared Remarks by Mr. Michael Ravell Walsh Honorary Consul at London Republic of Kiribati Before the Spring Ambassador Speaking Series Pacific Islands Society at SOAS School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) Kiribati was long viewed by the metropolitan powers as a country which would never be viable, on size, security and economic grounds.  Since […]

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Call for Applicants – NexGen Artists Program

The Pacific Islands Society recognizes that the rich cultural tapestry of the Pacific Islands region is producing talented young Pacific artists. Unfortunately, a lack of awareness for their work is preventing them from realizing their full potential on the world stage. The Pacific Islands Society is therefore calling on young artists to submit portfolios of […]

The Social Epistemology of Maritime Piracy

The central focus of your doctoral research is to provide a social epistemological account of maritime piracy. Why is this research topic so important? In our pursuit of knowledge about maritime piracy, we must be attentive to the question of justified true belief. While some social scientists abstract from the question of whether our beliefs […]

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Is The Vagueness of Japan’s Cabinet Decision Really a Problem?

On July 1st, the Office of the Japanese Prime Minister issued the “Cabinet Decision on Development of Seamless Security Legislation to Ensure Japan’s Survival and Protect Its People,” which proposes a reinterpretation of the country’s post-World War II constitution so as to allow for broader military powers.1 In response, The Korea Times published a strongly […]

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